When an aggressive purchasing department is combined with an international transportation company that has two decades of worldwide experience, a premier global supply company is created.  That was the theory behind the founding of BENCHMARK GLOBAL SUPPLY CORP.


Our concept of operations encompasses a broader spectrum than the theory:


    • First and foremost, to consider Benchmark Global Supply a strategic partner of each client and to dedicate ourselves to the continued success of that client.
    • To provide service to all industries rather than being industry specific, as are most supply companies.
    • To maintain a broad base of vendors, so as to obtain quality products at reasonable costs.
    • To utilize our expertise in transportation to provide the client with rapid, yet cost effective, shipping to and from domestic and international points.

       When you partner with Benchmark Global Supply Corp, your company immediately expands its supply chain to include a full service purchasing and transportation department in Houston, Texas.  We then become your one source for high quality products provided cost effectively.  The desired outcome of any transaction between our two companies is always a win-win situation where both parties benefit.


       Many items may be unique to your business, hard to find or difficult to transport.  The Benchmark Global Supply Procurement Division is well versed in finding those items and negotiating a competive price, while our Transportation Division has the knowledge and the experience to ensure the seamless flow of the product from the supplier to you. 


These Screenshots Represent  Only A Few Of The Industries That We Support